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06.08.09 - 01.11.09

Curator: Friederike Nymphius

From: 06.08.09

Artists: Markus Amm 1968 D, Tauba Auerbach 1981 USA, Tobias Bernstrup 1970 NOR, Karla Black 1970 GB, Henning Bohl 1975 D, Tom Burr 1963 USA, Neil Campbell CAN, Philippe Decrauzat 1974 CH, Cerith Wyn Evans 1958 GB, Matias Faldbakken 1973 DK, Andreas Golinski 1979 D, Evan Gruzis 1979 USA, Kitty Kraus 1976 D, Alicja Kwade 1979 D, Olivier Mosset 1944 CH, Steven Parrino 1958-2005 USA, Adam Pendleton 1980 USA, Peter Peri 1971 GB, Diego Perrone 1970 I, Riccardo Previdi 1974 I, Florian Pumhösl 1971 A, David Renggli 1974 CH, Ugo Rondinone 1963 CH, Dennis Rudolph 1980 D, Allen Ruppersberg 1944 USA, Charles Sandison 1970 USA, Matt Saunders 1975 USA, David Shrigley 1968 GB, Paul Snowden 1970 NZ, SUPERFLEX DK, Mark Titchner 1974 / GB

BLACK HOLE is an international group show ideated especially for Kunsthalle Andratx. The show features painting, sculpture, video, film, installation, photography by about 20 international contemporary artists. The artists’ works are multidimensional and multilayered, what they share are the references in their exploration of theme. Their subversive, incisive and sensitive commentaries on the subject create a varied imagery.

A black hole defines a surface in spacetime that marks a point of no return. Once an object has crossed this surface there is no way that it can return to the other side.

Every period in art reflects the prevailing sense of the human condition. The exhibition BLACK HOLE represents the current sense of cultural dysphoria, a state of dissatisfaction and anxiety, remembering images and feelings of the 80’s. Art presents itself fragile just as the construction of our life. In consequence forms are ruptured and deteriorating. The show reflects an existential search for truth that is never complete but a fragmented, complicated, multi-sided, not absolute one that at the same time proves to be full of unknown escapes and possibilities.

In response to a moment marked by existential threads, the artists in this exhibition create works in which the political or social is addressed indirectly through metaphoric or poetic approaches and subtle contextual displacements thus turning the subject into an existential questioning. Borrowing visual idioms from the realms of advertising or the media, these artists locate tangential points of protest that are slyly complicit with the terms of capitalism they often seek to undermine. At the same time, they investigate romanticized notions of outlaw culture and underground movements.

BLACK HOLE presents contemporary artistic positions that melt the monochrome atmosphere of our post-industrial times with their visions of the present. The art works in the exhibition mix a formal language that is reduced to the elementary with a strong consciousness for the presence thus creating a specific aesthetics.

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