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23.03.19 - 30.05.19

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday March, 23rd between 11am and 2pm as part of the ArtPalma Brunch Program

CCA Andratx is excited to present its first off-site exhibition in collaboration with Galería Pelaires in Palma this Spring. On the occasion of the ArtPalma Brunch, we wish to bring a little part of the CCA landscape with us into the historical space of Pelaires and we are looking forward to sharing and discussing ideas and concepts revolving around the nature within together with our colleagues as well as new and old friends from Palma.

A landscape of the nature within is a group show reflecting on the timeless theme of “landscape”;

in a physical sense referring to the landscape of the Tramuntana mountains, surrounding our 4.000 square meter Center of Contemporary Art on the west coast of Mallorca;

in a metaphorical sense referencing the landscape of the global art world, which is reflected in CCA’s core function as a world-renown Artist-in-Residency, that has by now housed more than 600 international artists.

The three artists, Carsten Fock (DE), Absalon Kirkeby (DK) and Karl Troels Sandegård (DK), have all participated in the CCA residency within the past few years. In order to reflect the diversity in the studio program, we are proud to present a painter, a photographer and a sculptor – all approaching landscape from very diverse angles.

Carsten Fock is a contemporary landscape painter whose works does not only depict the landscape around the CCA studios, where they were made, but also holds a strong, personal and emotional touch in them, expressed through the nature within. From examining his paintings, one might see how the gestures of his brush strokes are very similar to that of his hand writing – the mixing of text and image creates a tension almost as if one were looking at nodes on notepaper and the contradictory however symbiotic interplay between the two; from the fast, expressionistic strokes to the overall balance in the finished painting can be read as a musical composition.

Similar to the dialectic force between the gestures of image and text in the paintings of Carsten Fock, we find in the works of Absalon Kirkeby an interrelation between analogue photography and digital “brushstrokes” melting together in the process of developing his own visual landscapes. Taking its motifs from urban scenes and distorting them into fragments of perception, Kirkeby offers the beholder an opportunity to dive into his/her inner landscape, referencing personal beacons that one may seem to recognize somewhere in the abstraction.

The third position in the show points towards an organic approach. Karl Troels Sandegård’s “bio landscapes” are organically developed with chemicals reacting to different metals. His Self Portraits tell us nothing of the appearance or personality of the artist but instead they are scientific visualizations of his being. These works are humid representations of the artist’s perspiration and respiration centered around clinically constructed sweat, which is synthetically made to match the exact composition of salt and minerals within the artists body. In his Self Portrait series, Sandegaard is revealing the presence of something invisible to the eye by translating it into something physical.

We kindly invite the visitors of Pelaires to find their own way through the off-site landscape of the nature within CCA, which is to us, a generous place where international artists can take a break from their usual surroundings by delving into a one-month residency of introspection and creation. We encourage you as the spectator to not only passively walk through the exhibition as yet another landscape-show of art works on the walls, but to make an effort in re-calling and re-thinking your own ways of approaching the idea of a landscape.

Exhibition held in collaboration with Galeria Pelaires, Palma

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