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27.09.18 - 23.12.18

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday September, 27th between 7pm and 9pm

The work of Gitte Norrman is at once beautiful and self-referential. Her signature is to be found in each work in the lower part, where the artist gives us an insight into the deeper layers applied to the canvas revealing how the process of painting contrasts the organic expression above. Norrman’s approach to the canvas is always inside out – the roughness of the backside of the raw canvas is what intrigues her, however only to be followed by a process of using materials such as water, silk paper, glue and tinfoil which makes the surface appear concurrently structured and cellular. After a long time of preparing the canvas, she starts building up the painting in up to twenty different layers of expressive brushstrokes of oil paint. The result suggests a meditative state above, where the beholder can delve into, contrasted by the artistic evidence below.

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