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29.03.18 - 08.07.18

In March 2018 three Danish artists came to Mallorca to join the residency program at CCA Andratx. Yet not knowing what to expect from the location, from each other or from themselves, they quickly realized this at-first-glance casual encounter, was to pioneer a mutual interrelation. Fostering synergism, on personal, professional and spiritual basis, has led them to appreciate that their passing through CCA ought to be revealed and shared. CCA Andratx is excited to present the results of this intense exchange in“A Passing” that encompasses the individual practices of the three artists created in the CCA Studios.

The meaningful title encourages the viewer to a reading in various levels of significance: a passing through time and space, life and death. It is precisely in the middle term their focuses meet and common experiences converge. An intense exchange of energies between the studios has taken place enabling a close friendship to blossom. In this sense, it is an interesting remark to point out that their common background as musicians has eased this teaming up progress; likewise it corresponds to their individual conception of the Studio, as a shared space and time can define their approach towards art.

A Passing does not however only refer to passing through or passing something on. A Passing also derives from the actual circumstances in the life of the artists during their stay at CCA. From the very beginning, a recurrent topic of conversation has been reincarnation, despite the fact or perhaps because of the fact, that neither of the artists consider themselves religious.

On this matter, Kasper Eistrup has continuously explored the relation between life and death, shaped in his works as memento mori symbols, a reminder that everything eventually, even the most beautiful things in life, turn into dust. Lamentably during his time in Mallorca, his perspective on life and death reshaped with the sudden passing of his father. This circumstance encouraged him to share a personal side of his life in the work, passing on a vivid emotion to the viewer enhanced in his paintings with a profound symbolic charge. Eistrup serenely builds up his works meticulously by adding layers and elements until he reaches a perfect harmony between strictly geometrical shapes and chaos.

Jakob Steen’s performance in the studio is intuitive and spontaneous, emerging from a trance-like state and resulting in a free and transgressive painting expression. This young Danish artist has been a blast of fresh air in the studios, bringing his career up as an outsider. The paintings of Steen revolve around a specific state of mind, where the now determines the state, from which his works become a direct translation of. The viewer is often lured by lush exotic landscapes or recognizable beings, however these are mere shells or containers, which functions as gateways. Steen says: “Recently I have become curious to investigate the concept of darkness as some kind of liminal sphere. In that sense I wish to challenge the negative associations often related to darkness. Just like a passing is not the end but rather a passing to a different state, wherever that may be, darkness is to me, a place of new beginnings”.

Karl Troels Sandegård conceives his Studio as an alchemy laboratory; from an analytical approach and under a strict base control, he translates the rhythms of the physical human processes into Self Portraits pieces. Temporality appears most explicitly in the Self Portraits presented in-process along with his newest experimentation Clothes for thoughts. Where the synthetic sweat dripping on metal resembles the absence of the artist, the new series of “carrier bags” sewn together witness a greater story, namely the one of contained passing. These structures now freed from their former function as potato sacks, freed from the intention they were produced with, exist in the gallery space as spiritual creatures. Like a butterfly chrysalis or an empty snake skin containing the absence of an animal, who has now moved on to a new stage in his life, or like the empty studio filled with the absence of former artists, now waiting for the next to inherit it.

This exhibition is a culmination of what has been passing through the minds of the three artists during this month, and now they are ready to pass it on to the visitors of CCA.

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