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01.03.18 - 22.04.18

ARTISTS: Daniel Grüttner (1979, DE), Yoonhee Kim (1985, KR), Stefan Reiterer (1988, AT) & Benedikt Terwiel (1980, DE)

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the group exhibitionNaNaNaNa realized throughout the month of February 2018 as a collaboration between the four residence artists working in the CCA Studios.

The titleNaNaNaNa reads in Korean: “I, I, I, I” referring to the four “I’s”, the four artists, contributing to the show with each their materials, expression, form, message and meaning. The Korean inspiration derives from the work “I am not a poet in Mallorca” by Yoonhee Kim, to be found at the back wall in the U-shape room of the exhibition space. “I am a not a poet in Mallorca” holds in it an Italian poem, translated into Yoonhee’s own language with ink and acrylic, however non-decipherable to anyone who is unfamiliar with the color and shape-codes she uses. The poem is about all the things, the poet is not, just as the poem in itself is here presented to us not as a poem, but as a composed painting.

The titleNaNaNaNa reads in German as the sound parents make when saying no to their children. This sound became to the German speaking artists Daniel Grüttner, Benedikt Terwiel and Stefan Reiterer, a metaphor for all the rules and choices, painters make up for themselves. It became a reminder of all the de-selections of motives, strokes, techniques etc. that comes within the process of painting. The tipping point between abstraction and figuration is visible in both Grüttner’s and Reiterer’s works. Where the composition of different shapes and colors within Grüttner’s is the essential part, Reiterer is more conceptually concerned, for example as we see in his mapping of the nightlights in a city as seen from the airplane, and which is complemented by Google Earth images to find his motifs.

The fourth artist, Benedikt Terwiel dedicated his time in CCA, to examine the tourist maps of the city of Andratx, by using the same dusting method as crime investigators use to find traces and fingerprints – a technique, Terwiel has been fascinated with since the police once left his studio in Berlin full of green dust after having sought after traces from the thief who broke in. By transferring the printed map to the paper, his works deepen into the positive/negative dualism of an image.

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