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01.12.17 - 10.06.18

CCA Andratx is happy to present Sophie Erlund’s first solo exhibition in Spain which introduces a new series of works, all produced in the Studio Rojo during her residency in November 2017. The exhibition title refers to the co-existing between the materials used, as well as the works in between, but is also a matter of intuitive investigation which Erlund has been occupied with for years. Where the drawings and the tile floor are closely related in their pattern, the sculptures – the monoliths – differ. Although appearing in the same color nuances, they each have their own expression as independent beings.Monolith (sempiternal evidence), 2017 is placed on top of the tile floor, resulting in a strong tension by the physical touch between the surfaces of the two individual pieces. The monoliths resemble archaeological excavations and earthworks, compiled by different material found and developed around the studios in Andratx, thus exposing a chronology of time and events. The time of the artist’s working process merges in this sense with the time inherent of the palm leaf, the stones and the different elements in the sculptures. A monolith is a geological phenomena caused by erosion. But the word ’monolith’ is also used in an architectural and religious context, like the monolithic churches found in vastly different places in the world like Finland or Ethiopia. The title of the second monolith isMonolith (between green linnets and desire), 2017. A green linnet is a bird of desire and has for years been domesticated and bred because of its prestigious song voice. And in conjuction with the first titleMonolith (sempiternal evidence) one may wonder whether the exhibition in itself acts as evidence as such. Just as the song of the green linnet is a sign of life, and the captivity of the birds disregard all respect for nature in favor of man’s own desire for the beautiful and powerful, the works of Erlund seem to balance between a solid foundation and fragile future. Her artistic practice revolves around mental architecture and transitional spheres, often suggesting but never dictating a possible orientation.

Sophie Erlund was born in Denmark in 1978 and emigrated when she was 16 to the USA. Erlund later studied at the Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London, United Kingdom, where she graduated in 2003. Currently she lives and works in Berlin, Germany and in 2017 she participated in the CCA Artists-in-Residency program where she stayed in Studio Rojo throughout the month of November.

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