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01.06.18 - 01.09.18

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Border Matters" with our former artists-in-residence Susanne Rottenbacher and Claus Rottenbacher on Friday June 1st at 7pm.

The exhibition „Border Matters“ with works of Susanne and Claus Rottenbacher approaches and adresses the theme of border matters from different perspectives as well as with very different forms of artistic expression.

Susanne Rottenbacher (b. 1969) is a German artist primarily concerned with light, color and space. Claus Rottenbacher (b.1965) is a Berlin based photographer. Susanne was staying at the CCA during an artist residency in October 2016 where she developed and edited the concept for a new spatial light installation called Disassembly. The exhibition „Border matters“ encompasses this new spatial light installation as well as a photographical series called Non Plus Ultra by her husband Claus, who accompanied Susanne to the CCA, enabling him to work on and finalize his photographical series.

The light installation Disassembly is an extensive spatial arrangement that marks a new stage in Susanne Rottenbachers artistic work. It resembles a threedimensional drawing in space with light, consisting of LED tubes and Perspex objects being taut between floor and ceiling by means of wire ropes. Within this installation the formerly fixed boundaries of Susanne Rottenbachers light bodies open up to dissolving contours in space, exploring the relationship between space and light through an explosive movement. The borderlines and boundaries of geometry get to be resolved, the fragmented figure being fixed like in a stroboscope flash, the eccentricity of the moving space landscape to be frozen in time.

The photographic series Non Plus Ultra was taken on the peninsula of Gibraltar during the year of 2016. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of Spain/Europe and a fabled place since the antique. For more than three centuries, the British flag is now blowing over the rock of Gibraltar, the British having occupied the peninsula during the Spanish Succession War and then secured under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 ever since. The photographic series of Claus Rottenbacher tells of the influence of European borderlines on one of the southernmost points of Europe, which was always geopolitically exposed. It also adresses the questioning of European contours in times of Brexit, Donald Trump and overall crumbling confidence in Europe.

Susanne and Claus Rottenbacher are two observers capturing space with fundamentally different results by employing different media in the fields of photography, installation, architecture and sculpture. For the exhibition „Border matters“ they offer new perspectives and viewpoints onto the recognition of boundaries and space by mingling their different ouevres. Both artists do not only share the same adress and studio. They live and work together, sharing the dialogue about their art in mutual assistance, support, intimacy and observation.

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