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29.07.17 - 29.10.17

We cordially invite you to the opening of "Re-sounding Organs" with our current artist-in-residence Mille Kalsmose on Saturday July, 29th at 7 pm

We are excited to introduce our very first exhibition in the patio of CCA Andratx with our current Artist-in-Residence Mille Kalsmose. Throughout her stay in the CCA Studios during the month of July, Kalsmose has combined the results of her sound research project and the experience of working with matter. “Re-Sounding Organs” is her first solo show in Mallorca: a site-specific sound installation.

The works featured in the show embody the original processes of three elements: clay, algae and sound, which in the artist’s perspective are key elements in the creation of life on Earth.

Over the last two years, the artist has investigated the influence of sound on humans, in a scientific research with a neuroscientist and a sound healer in Denmark. The piece “Re-Sounding Vibes” will bring together the essence of the two treatment methods united into one and consists in a bassinet embodying sound vibrations.

Besides, and giving title to the exhibition, “Re-sounding Organs” is a site-specific piece involving the fountain which has been transformed into a natural algae pond and displays the organic clay sculptures installation.

Throughout her career, Kalsmose has been a careful explorer of her own surroundings and has studied the rituals in both ancient and contemporary behaviours. She understands those rituals not as an escape into the depths of irrationality, but as a new way of experiencing the world.

The works included in this exhibition suggest an image of a world –real and imagined- where ancient traditions and knowledge coexist with new global languages, as a cognitive and expressive device for reconstructing reality into a suggested new world.

The exhibition is kindly supported by The Danish Arts Council, Statens Kunstfond.


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