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28.06.17 - 03.08.17


As every year, the CCA Patio will be filled with music during the warm Summer nights.

This year's program is very exciting, so don not miss any of the concerts!

28 June · BIG YUYU ·Blues

Big Yuyu is synonymous with the Blues sound of Mallorca. More than 10 years on the road and having participated in the best festivals around Europe, they are now preparing their 4th studio album, in which they will once again surprise us with their impressive rhythmic quality. One of the most veteran and respected bands of the national scene, their sound is dynamic and tight, oozing with energy proving the Blues really does live in the heart of Big Yuyu.

Big Yuyu is: Jordi Álvarez (guitar and vocals), Esteve Huguet (drums) and Juan Amaro (bass).

05 July · AFROBLUE TRIO ·Afro-Latin Jazz

Lose yourself in the Caribbean sounds of Afroblue. A fresh dive into Afro-Cuban songs treated in contemporary harmonies close to Jazz and Latin-Jazz. An original and respectful fusion of the Orishas.

Afroblue Trio is: Jos Oey (percussion and vocals), Alex Xela (guitar and vocals) and Cati Llull (percussion and vocals).

19 July · SHEELA GATHRIGHT & DANI ROTH ·New York Soul-Funk-Jazz

Sheela is a creative original Soul Singer from New York who will present a selected and intimate repertoire including Soul, Jazz and Funk. She overflows energetic powerful spirits within every song and will thrill you with her potent voice; the best black voice on Mallorca.

Beside her, Daniel Roth will be accompanying Sheela's voice with his boundless piano talent.

26 July · KINGS OF NEW ORLEANS ·New Orleans R&B

Authentic New Orleans R&B. With a funny but very authentic live show, the band brings to Mallorca the real spirit The Land of Dreams. Musical elegance in its purest form.

Kings of New Orleans Duo is: Mardis Gras (Dani Roth – piano and guitar) and Big Dynamite (Ignacio Simó – vocals)

03 August · CHRISTA ELMER & BANDIDOS ·Soul-Funk-Blues

Pure energy. Christa & her wicked Bandidos is one of the most famous Party Bands from Mallorca. Her large repertoire will make the whole crew dance and bring an absolutely fabulous ambience to the CCA Patio space.

Selected repertoire of Jazz, Motown, R&B and Soul, Christa has one of the greatest deep black voices on Mallorca and her harmonica playing is just amazing. Highly recommended.


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