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24.06.17 - 24.09.17

CCA Andratx cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday the 24th of June, 12PM at CCA ESPAI.

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by the Mallorcan artist Josep Santamaria (Palma, 1989).There is a project made specifically for the CCA ESPAI that deals with the emotional appreciation of the individual separated from the environment. The project consists of a series of experimental drawings and collages that combine different techniques on a variety of supports.

There is an invitation to experience.There is a challenge to the viewer. Similar to our actual shared experience of reality,There is a common thread, veiled by experimentation in surface, form and contrast.

Although informed by an accumulation of specific visual impressions from the artist's past, this project aims to inspire emotional responses detached from any distinct or formative location or environment. Whereby excluding recognizable external influence, an attempt is made to separate the Self from Identity;There's focus is solely on cultivating the experience of our communally emotional lives thereby questioning the divisive zeitgeist of today in which the uniqueness of ones affectation reigns supreme.

Through this multidisciplinary exploration, an attempt is made to recreate diverse sensations inspired by the separation of stimuli and response wherein unfamiliar forms invoke a sense of familiarity and abstract tongues speak a language which is naturally understood. In this way, the viewer is forced to remove any previous visual or contextual associations, leaving colour, texture and composure as the only communicatory elements.

There, as a confluence of forms, cut-outs and reminiscent figures that spontaneously emerge from the surface of the works presented, showcases a space full of enigmatic imagery which invoke a spectrum of emotional consequence. The process of appreciation is the experience of emotional connection through singularity.There´s relevance is the struggle for sentient beings to remove the visceral reality of ones own existence from stored visual impressions - memories - in order to evolve emotional awareness into an artistic language which is commonly understood and universally true.

Josep Santamaria (Palma de Mallorca, 1989) is an artist residing in Palma de Mallorca who works in the disciplines of drawing, collage and painting. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, in addition to a master's degree in drawing discipline from the University of New South Wales Art & Design (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia.

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