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15.04.17 - 15.07.17

CCA Andratx cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday the 15th of April at 12PM

CCA Andratx is proud to present Rebecca Partridge’s second solo show at CCA under the title ”In The Meantime”

When Rebecca Partridge first stayed at the CCA Studios back in 2011, she began painting a large scale water color piece of a tree she encountered in Sant Elm. Three years later, she returned to paint the same tree at the exact same time of the year, during early Spring just before it blossoms. Now she is back with the purpose of painting the third work in a series that is intended to continue for the rest of her life. This activity of sustained attention not only traverses the subtle life of a particular tree, but also the evolving relationship between the artist and the medium of painting. Whereas the photograph captures one moment in time, the quiet attitude of Partridge’s practice emphasises the temporal process of painting, encouraging slow reflection.

This series is accompanied by three works from Partridge’s ‘Night Forest’ series, small ink paintings which map points in time through the duration of three separate nights spent in the forest. On first encounter these works speak of minimalism and seriality, however on closer reading open up a romantic experience of the forest canopy.

Whereas these works are structured around specific points in time, “In The Meantime” points to the spaces and possibilities which exist in between, also describing the durational nature of painting.

Rebecca Partridge was born in U.K, and currently lives and works in Berlin. Since graduating from the Royal Academy Schools, London in 2007 she has exhibited internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include, ‘Notations’ Kunstverein Springhornhof, Germany (2014), ‘As Above, So Below’ at Art First Projects, London (2014) and ‘In The Daytime’ at Kunsthalle CCA Andratx, Spain (2012) as well as numerous group exhibitions ‘A Planetary Order’, Galerie Christian Ehrentraut, Berlin (2014) and “Verstand und Gefühl: Landschaft und der Zeitgenössiche Romantik:” which she co curated at Kunstverein Springhorhof (2013). Partridge has been awarded several international residencies; from The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, USA (2015), Kunstnarsenter Dale, Norway (2017) and CCA Andratx (2011, 2017). She is currently co- curating “Zero Degree Navigation” - a multidisciplinary exploration of contemporary artists who use landscape as critical medium, opening at Nottingham University in March 2018. She also writes for several contemporary art journals.

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