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01.01.17 - 30.04.17

Artists: Florian Baudrexel, FAMED, Carsten Fock and Dani Jakob

Exhibition Curated by Carsten Fock

Exhibition until April 30, 2017.

Landscape and Oblivion, part three. Under this title, the series of exhibitions will be continued in 2017. First presented in 2013 with Per Kirkeby in the Berliner Künstlerhaus Bethanien and continued at the Kunstverein Bregenz, the shows included the works of artists such as Frauke Boggasch, Claus Hugo Nielsen, Bernhard Martin among others. Until end of April 2017 CCA Andratx will host the third edition of this curatorial approach.

In different premises and presenting new artistic perspectives, the concept of 'landscape' again takes the centre, 'landscape' not only as an art historical theme, but also as an exploration and questioning of what can be called an exterior structure or formal system of architecture. It is on this note that 'landscape' serves as a reference for four formally-wise very different positions:

Resistance, revolution and exhaustion are worked on with cinematographic complexity in a videoclip by FAMED

- Florian Baudrexel's abstract paper-reliefs formulate in their profound physical power, how immanent spatial relationships deliberately contrasts with the perspectives of the viewer - Dani Jakob's hand-sewn silk paintings feature permutations of colour lines as a play of force and counter-force. Finally my new paintings landscapes may be reminiscent of Cezanne, thus perhaps best meet a classical definition of ‘landscape’, yet in a disruptive way. Just as all those works presented in this third edition ofLandscape and Oblivion intertwine emotional and spiritual dimensions of the physical world using an uncompromising, contemporary approach.

Being in the CCA’s Studios we were neighbours for almost a month. Working each of us in our studio, casual encounters paired with intensive discussions about our works as well as on today’s art world, made this residence very inspiring.

On behalf of all of us, I wish to thank Patricia and Jacob Asbaek for their visions and constant commitment when it comes to art and its pratice. Art for them is regarded as a social force that can be experienced here in Andratx in a very special way – being an artist, as well as from a visitor’s perspective. The Kunsthalle in Andratx is a magical place offering outstanding opportunities for artistic work. Some results can be seen in this exhibition.

Carsten Fock

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