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01.12.16 - 25.06.17

Among the wide range of Visual Arts, painting might be the most likely discipline to be regenerated. The versatility of techniques, materials and the ease of working space, make of painting an activity in constant change.

Let's be clear, the harsh reality is that nothing is created out of nothing, there isn’t a magic spark ignitiating engines from ignorance. From this premise, the artist, who knows both tradition and innovation, is capable of surpassing himself in first instance, but also his predecessors and peers going a step further. For this solely reason, the key to assessing the genius of an artist lies in deciphering the influences from which a new language has been constructed and that this one is at least as -or more- renovating and interesting as the previous one.

The true fact is that the democratization of Art since the 20th Century has opened exponentially the development of new languages. But there are times, and here is where professionals come into play to identify them, that these innovations are so unique and genuinely exceptional, that it is worth it!

This exhibition will display new techniques and emerging pictorial languages created at CCA Studios, spaces which are and have been for more than 15 years a think tank. Being confronted during one month to a space of 120m2 with 3-meters-high white walls, certainly supposes a challenge for any artist. Finding oneself liberated of daily bonds, family and one’s own studio stimulates experimentation and undoubtedly this is how these works are born. This show unfolds new language development, innovative techniques and transformative applications.

Artists: Matthias Bitzer (DE, 1975), Manuel Canu (IT, 1979), Robert Davis (US, 1970), Koen Delaere (NL, 1970), Aleana Egan (IE, 1979), Carsten Fock (DE, 1968), Jan S. Hansen (DK, 1980), Alexandra Hopf (DE, 1968), Stefan Müller (DE, 1971), Bernd Ribbeck (DE, 1974), Karin Ruggaber (DE, 1969), Holger Schmidhuber (1970, DE), Han Schuil (NL, 1958).

Group show curated by Jackie Herbst

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