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24.09.16 - 23.12.16

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the first solo-show of Alexandra Hopf at the CCA Gallery. During her stay at the CCA Artist-in-Residence Program, Hopf developed a series of works related to her on going projectDiary of the 21st Century, a selection of which will be now shown in this exhibition.

Alexandra Hopf’s paintings are made following a creative process based on the act of layering and de-materialisation using acrylic, wax, tissue paper and other media. Her body of work emerges from the gradual layering of paint and its partial removal from the surface, attempting to recreate minimalistic structures through the interaction between different patterns, textures and tones. Due to this process, the removals on the paintings create folds over the paper surface, reflecting the motion and movability of the materials she uses. In light of this, Hopf seeks to showcase a stimulating field of dynamic forces made of lines and grids, a visual impact that rather than representation, reflects an act of remembering.

The inspiration of the fold comes from the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s use of the fold as a methaphor for the relationship between interior and exterior. It can be the relation between one owns inner self and the outer visual expression, or it can be the relationship between materials’ origin and its new meaning when being layered on top of each other, as is the case in Hopf’s work.

All the works featured inThe Diary of the 21st Century tend to play with the perception of the viewer, seeking to recreate different visual sensations departing from the tangible materiality of the paintings. Moreover, the viewers can feel that the material character itself is more related to the surface than the substrate, a swaying shell for the gestures of the painter that are intended to float in the airspace of the exhibition. Thus, the surface of the images appears as the skin, meanwhile the painting is revealed as the aesthetic membrane that covers a delicate but intense body.

Alexandra Hopf (Kassel, Germany, 1968) studied at the Academy for Fine Art in Düsseldorf from 1990 to 1996. Her work has been presented in solo shows asThe Night at Home in Berlin (2016),Screen Memories at Sobering Gallery in Paris (2015) orMaison Tatlin at Galerie Scharmann & Laskowski in Cologne (2015). She has also participated in several group exhibitions includingBÜHNENREIF 1. Akt at Arp Museum ( Remagen, 2016),Grid's World at Locust Projects ( Miami, 2014) andReflexion und Einfühlung at Kai 10 / Arthena Foundation ( Dusseldorf, 2012). She lives and works in Berlin.

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