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24.09.16 - 13.08.17

CCA Andratx has the great pleasure to present this extraordinary exhibition combining the fantastic sculptures by HRH Prince Henrik and the fabulous paintings of Carl-Henning Pedersen.

For the first time ever, the work of the two artists will be exhibited together - two personalities who have lived a passionated life for art and repeatedly challenged the conventions both inside and outside the art world. One of them is the Prince of Denmark, sculptor "con amore". The other one is an international renowned "Cobra" artist.

Their artistic approaches have different origins, nonetheless their life paths cross from time to time, since they both have one foot planted in the Danish soil and the other one in the French nature and culture. This artistic proximity has nurtured throughout the years their art expressions, resulting in a common fascination for former times art as a source of inspiration. In this regard it is worth mentioning the African mask, which Carl-Henning Pedersen introduced in his early career, thus contributing to the collective effort to create a new form of artistic expression, of which Prince Henrik was not only inspired from, but which also represents an important part of his big ethnographic collection.

What both artists have in common is exactly that their art will not faithfully reproduce reality, but will have its origins in their inner motivations creating a universe, rooted to reality and ultimately is first and foremost a fabulous and imaginary universe.

What we see when looking at Prince Henrik's animal figures are playful forms blending different realities and thus letting the sculpture transcend to the world of the fables. Just like fantasy and fairy-tales are strongly present in Carl-Henning Pedersen's paintings, he creates a universe of dreams, where time and place merge or even vanish.

For the first time these two universes will come together in an adventurous meeting, not only through the Prince’s sculptures and Carl-Henning Pedersen paintings but also with poems written by both artists.

The exhibition will first be shown in CCA Andratx and after at Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelt Museum in Herning, Denmark.


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