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02.04.16 - 29.05.16

CCA Andratx cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday April, 2nd at 12pm at CCA ESPAI.

As part of the program “Noves Presències” sponsored by the Consell de Mallorca, CCA Andratx is pleased to present the new show by the graffiti artist Grip Face, Doors Without Destination.

It is difficult to define Grip Face’s profile. He is an artist from Palma that has been working for a few years now. He usually does works in public spaces with an eye on the details. He is very versatile when it comes to graphic disciplines – from sophisticated illustrations to serigraphy and graphic design – he doesn’t like to be typecasted. Grip Face prefers talking about interventions, finished and intentions when the occasion comes to it. In this sense, you can easily recognise his works at a first glance.

Palma, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Naples, Curitiba (Brasil)… to Grip Face is essential the “place”, the public space, where he will be locating his works. Whether it is the architecture itself, just fragments of it or extraordinary spaces discovered in different cities, it ends up conforming an iconic personal universe that looks for the citizen. Sometimes, he also moves the works to exhibition rooms. Indoor.

The exhibition is curated by Jordi Pallarés. It’s not the first time that Grip Face and Jordi Pallarés work together. The personal and professional complicity existing between artist and curator have ended up in several projects - Bilbao (Final, SC Gallery), Barcelona (Descompuesto en un presente incierto, Miscelánea), Alaró (Los Invisibles, Son Tugores) or Palma (Pass This On, Taca/SR OFF, CAC Ses Voltes). The result is a bidirectional work full of subtleties in which both project their own interests, meeting in a confort zone that allow them to play different roles. Grip Face and Jordi Pallares repit again this autum with Black Faces.

Precisely, Doors Without Destination starts in the context fo SR/OFF as compendium to the collective project SUA RUA in which Grip Face was gathering different creators, linking them to different fields (amongst them, the urban space). Here is where Grip Face takes advantage of the big amount of unused bricked doors in the city to reactivate them and cause in the viewer to reflect about its immediate surroundings. On his second solo show in Mallorca, he retakes the project started in Palma “reopening” in Andratx other doors to accumulate slogans, self-covering himself and providing new ways of reading that urban collage that he himself provokes:

1. Allow. An involuntary practice that we carry out without giving way to any slogan. Many estates usually accumulate permissions and prohibitions. Looks and actions by many citizens. Resistances. Walls ready for it.

2. Discover. Show to those who want to look. Reveal fragments of reality. Winks that disappear and reappear as historical layers of painting that contribute the right visibility to its own presence. Get excited about the discovery. Join to the accumulated.

3. Present. Make visible what’s not. Decode messages that get away. Draw hollows with the look to get out to the exterior. Outdoor.

4. Open.

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