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18.02.16 - 27.03.16

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the new exhibition by the art group BC, Balear Conception, at the CCA ESPAI. The exhibition /Elements/ presents a new series of works that reconciles Art and Philosophy as a cosmogonic whole, where the viewer’s interaction is essential. The main series, “Fragments”, tries to establish an analogy between mater and concept and it questions the contradictions existing between the artistic narratives and the art industry:

“We believe that the socialization of the contemporary art knowledge is necessary as part of the artistic microcosm. The collective reception is related with the aesthetic experience, which is no longer from the museum, is collective. The participation in this experience is dispersed against the aesthetic experience of observing only one object. Time and space must be channelled into the instant and the breaking perspective respectively.”

/Elements/ gives an artistic experience where the Parts set a Whole, inviting the viewers to reflect on what is happening and find their own answer. The exhibition turns into a space to show that the domain of imagination by the cultural industry is wiped out.

“Elements invites you to discover the value of the energy of the elementary as experience.”

The art group Balear Conception was established in 2015 by the Mallorcan artists Mª Antonia Bosch and Mª Ángeles Coll. Their backgrounds are in different humanities fields: Philosophy and Art History, respectively.

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