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12.02.16 - 30.06.16

The CCA Andratx is proud to announce the launch of a new season in February 2016 with a tribute to German culture today and its major impact on the international art scene.

During the whole month of February, the German Weeks at the CCA Andratx will highlight a variety of seminars, artist talks, performances, lectures and cultural activities for the whole family, all celebrating German culture but also exploring the bonds between Germany and Spain, and Mallorca in particular. Mallorca is no longer just an island of vacation for the German speaking community, but has become a trendsetting meeting point for culture, food, business and sport.

Since its beginnings, the German presence has also been strong at the CCA Andratx, where an important number of German or Berlin based artists as well as German galleries and curators have contributed to exhibitions and the Artist-in-Residence Program.

As part of the German Weeks program, the CCA Andratx presents two curated group exhibitions that both approach German art and its influence on the international art scene through the connection to Mallorca: Wendezeiten in the CCA Kunsthalle and Berliner Bahnhof in the CCA Gallery.

Wendezeiten is the German term for times of crucial changes and takes on several layers of meaning in the context of this exhibition. Starting on 12 February 2016, the exhibition will bring together works by around 50 German artists representing a new and upcoming generation that has the potential to become just as crucial as the generation of German artists who visited the CCA in the initial years from 2001-2005 and have dominated the art world over the past 10 years.

The times of crucial changes refer just as much to the political and social changes due to the increasing globalization and the direct influence of that globalization on the German art scene as to the changes that each individual artist has to face when confronted with a different culture and environment. Thus, German art today is not just a local art scene but a movement of German artists migrating to all parts of the world, seeking new inspiration, blending in or leaving traces.

For many of the visiting artists at the CCA, the time of their residency has been a time of change, very often coinciding with a turning point in their career. Wendezeiten offers a broad perspective of an emerging German art scene and artists to follow in the coming years.

The Berliner Bahnhof group exhibition is dedicated to Berlin, the capital of the international contemporary art world, but not restricted to German artists or even to a fixed selection of artists or works. The title is obviously referring to Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, one of the most prestigious museums of contemporary art.

The transitory nature of the Bahnhof is literally reflected in the exhibition concept and shows how the art scene in Berlin is constantly changing due to the ongoing arrivals and departures of artists from around the world who choose to live and work in Berlin for a certain period of time in their career.

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