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26.09.15 - 30.06.16

CCA is pleased to present German artist Johannes Schramm’s (1965) first solo exhibition at CCA. In Kunsthalle II, the exhibition titled Still Water unfolds a wide variety of beautiful still lifes with water. As a former swimmer Schramm reveals a strong fascination for water, which is a significant and persistent object in his paintings. Still Water presents the latest works from Schramm and shows both indoor and outdoor landscapes, all aiming to render water in different elements. Furthermore the exhibition can be divided into three series: Pool paintings, Buoy paintings and Water Lily paintings.

In the “Pool paintings” the rigid tiles, ladders and strict geometry in, and surrounding, a swimming pool, is completely dissolved when looked upon through water. Suddenly all fixed forms and structure are distorted and transformed into beautiful, abstract and miraculous patterns. You sense an immediate stillness and calmness when looking at these works, but under the surface, is a lurking dynamic force at play too.

The “Buoy paintings” takes us onto open water and our glance is, like the buoys, fixed and not able to move. The buoys only reveal a small portion of their full form, however the reflections in the water make them seem whole again.

The most recent addition to Schramm’s line of work is the “Water Lily” paintings. They are set in a complete natural setting with no elements or traces from real life. Only natural objects like trees, the lilies and the sun are reflected in the water and you cannot seem to tell water and earth apart from each other? In Schramm’s works the borderland between the liquid and solid, water and earth, is merged thus creating an intangible and forever changeable picture of reality.

Despite the slightly kaleidoscopic feel, the viewer is driven into a comfortable state of meditative tranquility in which time and place temporarily cease to exist. A state, which according to Schramm, may resemble the one, in which the swimmer finds himself, in good moments.

In Schramm’s universe, water is the magic element and through his personal experiences with water, he is able to convert these feelings and emotions into stunning paintings that allow us to enter a fantastic and apocalyptic universe.

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