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02.07.15 - 30.07.15

This year CCA Concerts will be held every Thursday during July in the Patio. The start time is 8PM and entry tickets only cost 8€ and include the visit to CCA Andratx! There will also be Special Tapas from the CCA Café. Do not forget to book:

2nd July ·SOUL with Sheela Gathright & Daniel Roth

Sheela is a creative, original Soul Singer from New York with a selected repertoire: Soul, Jazz, Funk. She creates great relaxed feeling with every song. Daniel Roth will be accompanying Sheela's voice with his great piano.

9th July ·FLAMENCO FUSION with De Vistalegre

DeVistAlegre is a mestizo group, like mixed is the music. The string trio flow through the music with African, American and flamenco’s ways and transform it into something new and diverse.

Alex Xela – Guitar

Martin Janosec – Cello

Mario García – Bassist

Diego Flores - Percussion

23rd July ·JAZZ with ZERO

Zero is the beginning and the end, a point of departure and arrival. In this show, based on the songs that are included in the CD of the same name, bassist musician Xavier Graue tries to give a new, very personal visión of his own instrument. He plays solo parts, but also with percussion accompaniment. Self composed pieces, looking for the essence of a pure melody or accompaniment and, above all, he exposes a sincere and straight point of view. The instrument, songs and other bassists’ style who have influenced him, have been instrumental in the construction of this Project.

Zero is essence and every show is a momento of subtlety and humility, dedication, sincerity and emotion. A unique momento with a repertoire that is too.

Xavier Grau – Bassist

Carlos “El Vikingo” Ronda - Percussion

30th July ·AFROCUBANO with Yoruba Experience

The Yoruba Experience is an afro-cuban show with Yoruba songs in which percussion is the main element, and in particular the bata drums – originally from Nigeria. It consists of a ritual drums trio and Chekeres – widely used to accompany the Yoruba chants. The songs are offerings, praises and petitions to the Orishas – gods from the Yoruba pantheon. They lyrics speak of existencial principles – good, evil, virile, feminine, the warrior who opens the roads, etc.

For this show, the Yoruba Experience offers one of the many posible mergers in this culture gradually evolved: a piano will open up a world of harmonic combinations close to jazz and latinjazz.

To book send us an e-mail to or call +34 971 137 770

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