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12.02.15 - 15.03.15

CCA Andratx cordially invites you to opening of the exhbition on Thursday, February 12th at 7pm

CCA Andratx is very pleased to present the exhibition by the artist group Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett specifically created for the CCA Andratx and developed during their stay at the CCA Artist-in-Residence Program during December 2014.

What happens when we enter the specific space of therapy? Is it reality or is it something else? How do we speak within this space – from our deepest inner selves or in an unconscious pre-defined culturally shaped manner?

In Therapy Compositions II the Norwegian artist group Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett investigates these and other questions. In three photographs and a video – all performative and staged – they bring out subtle suggestions and considerations about this vulnerable and uncertain space where things happen beyond our control. It is a space loaded with cultural and archetypal symbols inherited from both mythology, art history and our common visual flow of imagery.

The works of Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett are generally simple in composition. With their set up of everyday objects they refer to traditional art history and the dense symbolism of the stilleben and its whispers of memento mori. They also refer to Surrealism and its use of ordinary objects in complex narratives about the psychological ‘other’ and the more unconscious parts of ourselves. At the same time these archetypal elements are present in the rooms they create within the pictorial frame, where they are interpreted as obscene and hidden layers from our knotted inners, now brought into light as a supplement to our personality.

Both compositionally and symbolically Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett adopt the visual imagery of the therapeutic context as well as the art historical tradition. But despite working with such loaded imagery the artist group manages to keep an open gap. The works invite for a discussion about what our common register of pictures and symbols represents and holds. Can we escape these predefined interpretations in both art history and the therapeutic space – this bubble of reality and fiction where our inner imagery, dreams and most secret fantasies are tested and challenged?

The artist group Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett / Heidi-Anett & Lena Katrine was founded in 2009 and consists of Heidi-Anett Haugen (b. 1985) and Lena Katrine Johansen (b. 1980). Both artists graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 2013. They have been exhibited broadly both nationally and internationally and have been granted several scholarships.

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