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For more than 50 years "Dennis Oppenheim's work has spearheaded many of contemporary art's most vital trends. Balancing his expansive, rambunctious interests against his refusal to adopt a rigid art style, Oppenheim has fought for the integrity of imagination in himself and in his audience.

Oppenheim pioneered the Earth Art movement in the late 1960s with his contemporaries Robert Smithson and Walter de Maria.

Oppenheim's work was - and remains - unconventional. At abandoned sites, he used the forces of nature and the detritus of industrial society to forge and art of ideas and metaphors, of provocation and controversy.

In Body Art works from the early 1970s, exploiting his own body as an art material, he subjected himself to physical risk. His performances, installations, films, and video tapes pushed the boundaries of art even further, working through ideas about identity, genetics, family, time, memory, and the instability of our interior and exterior worlds."1

Apart from being an innovative artist, Dennis Oppenheim was a wonderful drawer with a very special sense of humour.

Dennis Oppenheim is one of the most important artists of the 20th Century.

1 Heiss, Alanna; McEvilley, Thomas, Dennis Oppenheim. Selected works 1967-90, Harry N. Abrams, New York, 1992.

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