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15.10.15 - 20.12.15

CCA Andratx coridally invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, October, 15th at 7pm at CCA ESPAI.

In 2012, Xim Llompart (1983, ES) decided to quit his job and move to Beijing to focus on the artistic research and production. During his stay in China, he expanded his artistic knowledge and he got immerse in different philosophical and artistic trends.

The China Venus: Transmission is a project emerged from his life experience in China. In collaboration with a Chinese artist, professor and colleague of him, he reproduced the portrait of a young Chinese woman. The image is extracted from the catalogue “Focusing: a new Current of Realistic Painting in China”.

Behind the images lies the interest for the creative process, for the human instinct of capture them on different formats, of keeping the appearance, and the less modified form in space-time. With the catalogue as the centre and starting point, he commemorates the value of the book as the universal way of transmission; he appropriates and exhibits it on mannerist paintings to create his own contemporary Venus.

The painting as photography, the photogram as painting, or the canvas as the object: the exhibition is articulated in a way that the painting is shown on different formats. During its creative process predominates fading, repetition or censorship.

Xim Llompart is a visual artist from Palma de Mallorca. During 2014-2015, he has participated as finalist in different local contests of art. He got an internship to participate in the professional artists development program (Café Dossier, Sala Tabacalera, Madrid) and his artworks are part of different cultural art centres. Recently, he won the 2nd place in the 50th Pollensa International Art Price (Mallorca). In 2015-2016 he will be moving to Mumbai to carry on with his researches.

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