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18.06.15 - 16.08.15

CCA Andratx coridally invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, June, 18th at 7pm at CCA ESPAI.

"Our work is about relationships, sex, love and communications", ((/ Angélique Pailler ((

The CCA ESPAI is pleased to present the first exhibition of the artistic couple ((/ Angélique Pailler (( formed by artists Clara Arbona and Bartomeu Sastre. The exhibition "· The intervening space between two points or things ·" will present their new series of works in which long distance relationships and its elements are explored: sex, love and communication.

The exhibition comprises two series of works; one being, "Characters" where open communication through emoticons is shown. By using ASCII characters, the artists have created a highly sexual and emotional vocabulary of their own. This series is complemented by the series "Tools" consisting of very transgressive sculptures, which require the viewer to interpret its use.

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