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12.02.15 - 11.04.15

CCA Andratx coridally invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, February 12th 2015 at 7pm at CCA ESPAI.

Within the framework of the "Program New Presences" sponsored by the Consell de Mallorca, CCA ESPAI is pleased to present the first solo show by Verónica Lorenzo (Alcoy, 1981) under the titleDe bailar en el balcón y comer en la bañera. Most of the artworks presented in this exhibition have been made ex profeso for the CCA Espai.

“Game” as concept is present at all times in Lorenzo’s works; one might even say that game holds the main role. Every piece has been thought from it and as in all games rules can or cannot be followed. Every work (or game) starts new and fresh, but it might get to somewhere unexpected.

To play means to be conscious, appreciate the little moments in life and enjoy those possible beings that hide between the gaps.

Videos and photographs comprise this series. The way these moving pictures are taken and presented can seem low-cost or old-fashionable; but this strengthens the artist’s purpose to observe more closely the simplicity and daily nature of the message.

Verónica Lorenzo won the 48th Gijón International Film Festival in the section Filmo Vuelve in 2010 thanks to her videoMicrogravedad. Her work has also been showed in several international festivals, such as WUFF 2013 (New Zealand), Coutures Festival 2008 (Strasbourg), DIZAINA DIENAS at Museum Andrejsald 2007 (Riga) and national group exhibitions.

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