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27.06.14 - 21.09.14

CCA Andratx cordially invites you to the opening next Friday, June, 27th at 7pm at CCA Andratx

The CCA Andratx is pleased to present the new exhibition of the Berlin-based artists, Bernhard Brungs (DE, 1974) and Sławomir Elsner (PL, 1976). Muse is a collaborative project created specifically for the CCA Kunsthalle II and developed during their stay at the CCA Artist-in-Residence Program during June 2014.

Brungs & Elsner present a body of work which will question the study and reflection of the motives that have been inspiring and repeated throughout Art History. The fact that so many images from Cultural Heritage are received, both consciously and subconsciously, make us, as viewers, able to recognize masterpieces when seeing just a piece of it. This is Elsner’s reflection as he shows a pile of 20 drawings and watercolors, consistently in A4, that are presented on a pedestal under a glass cover, so that we can only see the top sheet. Also, he is presenting a large wallpainting covered with tattered and torn scraps of paper simulating a vandalized billboard. But upon closer inspection, the viewer discovers in fact that it is a well-orchestrated chaos that creates a real recognizable image.

On the other hand, Brungs presents a body of work which focuses on traditional scenic images worked for portraiture; by using, in this case, the image of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (Algeria, 1936-2008). With this series, consisting of paintings and a number of drawings, Brungs depicts a Saint-Laurent at different stages of his life, highlighting the continued development of his identity. The series reflects on how Saint Laurent, one of the acclaimed fashion-designers of the 20th century, is in fact a powerful and capable creator and effecting the image projection and perception of those who are the closest to him.

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