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21.02.13 - 07.04.13

Laia Ventayol (Arta, 1984) has been related to science through her studies and, although not finally her career went into this field, it does retain some aesthetic interest in the world of science and nature.

After graduating in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona, she has taken part in several national and international group exhibitions (Palma, Barcelona, Münster and Berlin, among others). For the show Herbaris, her first solo exhibition, she has created a series of works exclusively for CCA ESPAI. The used media varies between small and large format drawings, photography and installation. The theme focuses on the Majorcan forests, before and after being affected by the fires during 2011. The materials used in her works are all natural: coal, soil, plants...

Her working method follows a logical process: taking as starting point the Majorcan vegetation, she carries out a study of changes caused directly by the wildfires in the Levant during 2011 and examines the resulting changes in local vegetation.

The artist seeks images. To get them, she first exposes a fact and then visits the affected area. There she collects some samples of the result, researches its materiality and, finally, proposes a certain future. The found images have their own art, science and / or information aesthetic

The room is divided into three spaces: one for observation, one for the study and the last shows the new result.

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