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The CCA Andratx is very pleased to host the Special Edition of the Art Foundation Mallorca Collection. Dedicated to support and promote emerging art and artists, the CCA has become an essential meeting place for art lovers, artists, curators and investors. The current presentation of the cutting edge collection of Art Foundation Mallorca fully reflects this purpose and is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art.

The Special Edition Show at the CCA Gallery includes almost eighty percent of the entire AFM Collection. Curated by Patricia Asbaek the show beautifully emphasizes the significance of the collection that comprises striking master pieces as well as more challenging works by younger artists. Some of the works will be shown for the first time at the CCA Andratx and others will be approached from a new point of view, which will be an opening mind exercise for viewers. An opportunity to see major works by Cosima von Bonin, Jan Albers, Jeppe Hein, Phillip Allen, Cerith Wyn Evans, Gregor Hildebrandt, Rachel Howard, Bernhard Martin, Stefan Sandner, Phoebe Unwin, Jannis Varelas and many others sharing space together in Mallorca.

The AFM Collection has established itself as an internationally renowned collection of Contemporary Art in Europe. With approximately 200 pieces from 150 major artists, it has become an important guidance for worldwide trend-hunters and stakeholders in Contemporary Art.

The pieces which shape up this collection are carefully studied and selected by the curatorial team composed by Patricia Asbaek (DK), Friederike Nymphius (DE) and Barry Schwabsky (US). These Art Market professionals are internationally recognized and are invited to attend to the most important Art Fairs, artists’ ateliers and exhibitions all over the world in order to seek the most talented and challenging young artists from the current artistic scene.

Time is proving now that the eye of this team was right when they decided to bet for worldwide renowned artists such as Heimo Zobernig, Anselm Reyle, Martin Boyce, Alicja Kwade, Jonathan Meese, Mathieu Mercier, Nedko Solakov, John Bock, Tony Matelli, Jitish Kallat, Ernesto Neto and Hans-Peter Feldmann.

The artworks from the collection that are not included in the present exhibition are on loan to international museum exhibitions or exhibited in private settings open to the public by appointment. Contact Elsa F. Jonsdottir for further information.

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