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12.08.07 - 07.10.07

Curated by Friederike Nymphius


Sâadane Afif 1970 F, Haluk Akakce 1970 Turkey, Tauba Auerbach 1981 USA, Angela Bulloch 1966 CAN, Anne-Lise Coste 1973/ FR, Jim Drain 1975 USA, Sylvie Fleury 1962 CH, Carsten Fock 1968 D, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom 1974 USA, Lori Hersberger 1963 CH, Gregor Hildebrandt 1972 D, Carsten Höller 1961 B, Bernhard Martin 1966 D, Francisco da Mata 1968 CH, P, Gerold Miller 1961 D, Kristine Roepstorff 1972 DK, Vincent Szarek 1973 USA, Meredyth Sparks 1972 USA, Martin Wöhrl 1974 D, Johannes Wohnseifer 1967 D, Heimo Zobernig 1958 A


COSMIC DREAMS is an international group show ideated especially for Kunsthalle Andratx. The show features painting, sculpture, video, film, installation, photography, and new media by some of today's leading artists as well as the most promising work by the up-and-coming generation. The artists’ works are multidimensional and multilayered, what they share are the almost paradoxical references in their exploration of theme. Their subversive, incisive and often humorous commentaries on the subject create a very varied imagery.

Gerold Miller, Total Object 121, 2007

The idea was born in a summer night while observing the shooting stars over Andratx. The blurring heat of the day, the noise of far away music, the parfume of the lemon trees in the air created a specific and very special cosmic sensation.

The infinite, the transcendental, the unseen and visions of the future — these are the artistic quests of COSMIC DREAMS, an exhibition that gives colourful expression to the mystical yearnings of a new generation. The show develops from cosmos to Cosmopolitan to fetish. It explores trance, “alternative” realities and the psyche, who tap into altered states of consciousness through visionary colour, mind-altering patterns, morphing forms, and visions of the infinite. At the interface of reality and fiction their images and installations extend to spacial floating forms. Formal experiments with futurist materials prove their visual metropolitan background and test sustainable form models. Their work is inspired by nature, by the cosmos, by the vastness of the Western

landscape, and yet is rooted in a specific urban sensibility.

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