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17.05.12 - 15.07.12

The CCA Andratx is pleased to present the latest exhibition of young Majorcan artist Bel Fullana (Manacor, 1985). Bachelor in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona, the art project developed by this artist is one of the most interesting and original in the local art scene.

Her drawings and paintings show a series of children portraits which far of representing them in a sweetened way, actually show the wide range of children behaviors, innocent and pure as cruel and abusive. This incoherence of behavior is inherent in man, both in childhood and in adult life and make these portraits a reflection of human behavior (emotions, desires, fears ...)

From photographs, Bel Fullana creates her drawings and paintings with a very actual personal language. These are quick paintings without boundaries or limits, which lead us into scenes, seemingly daily, but which hide an unknown world, dreamlike, almost surreal.

Her work has been shown in several local and national exhibitions causing great interest among the public. Now, in this shocking and stimulating exhibition, Bel Fullana presents a selection of works made between 2010 and 2011, as well as two large paintings made specifically for CCA ESPAI.

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