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21.02.12 - 22.04.12

The CCA Andratx is pleased to announce the new exhibition of THE KABOOM! PROCESS. This artistic collective emerged in Denmark in 2008 and is comprised by the Danish artist Søren Dahlgaard (Copenhagen) and the Israeli artist Meir Tati (Tel Aviv).

This new exhibition at the CCA Gallery will display two bodies of work. On the one hand the results on paper and video of the "Studio Explosions", performances made between 2008 and 2009 in Copenhagen. On the other hand, "Compositions", which consists of a series of eight temporary sculptural compositions and urban interventions performed in Holon (Israel) during 2011.

This exhibition presents for the first time in Spain the works of this singular artistic collective. Dahlgaard and Tati have taken as their starting point of work the irony, the continuing challenge to everyday’s reality and the questioning of the most absurd of their origin countries: first Israel, a war zone, and secondly, the quiet Denmark, whose life revolves behind the hedges of suburban areas.

The works shown in this exhibition are the result of their collaboration developed over the past five years. Following their stay at the CCA Artist-in-Residence Program during the month of February 2012, the two artists have planned this exhibition, which will collect the bulk of their work together. There are approximately 20 pieces, which will certainly not leave the viewer indifferent.

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