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10.09.11 - 04.03.12

September 21st marks the 10th Anniversary of the CCA Andratx. To celebrate this event, the CCA KUNSTHALLE is proud to make a presentation of its unique collection. Made over 10 years from donations by the more than 300 international artists who have participated in the Artist-in-Residence program, the CCA Collection is also an interesting reflection of artistic trends of contemporary European art of the last decade.

The works on view are only a part of the total collection that counts around 300 artworks. The final selection was made by Patricia Asbaek, Director and Co-founder of the CCA ANDRATX, and includes outstanding works by Cosima von Bonin, Clegg & Guttmann, Lucy McKenzie, Gelitin, Tjorg D. Beer, Lutz Braun, Bernhard Martin, Andrea Fraser, Gabriel Vormstein and Jannis Varelas.

Since the beginning, the CCA Artist-in-Residence program has hosted artists from around the world providing work and housing opportunities in the four fully equipped studios of the CCA. Renowned for the great facilities and extraordinary natural surroundings that encourage the creation of art, the CCA Residency program has been a true melting pot especially for the contemporary European visual art scene.

Living and working together for periods of four to six weeks, dialogue, exchanges, influences and relationships between the residing artists are bound to take place. Creative meetings at the terrace tables, in the frame of the art center or during a stroll in the mountain happen all the time and have led to interesting collaborations and inspiring the production of the many wonderful art pieces presented in the CCA Collection now.

“Time stops here”, is without doubt the most used phrase by the residents of the Studios. Away from the city bustle, the artist finds at the CCA a relaxing atmosphere in which to fully focus on his or her work and to reconnect with the source of creativity.

The entire team of the CCA Andratx would like to thank all the artists who have donated art works to the Collection and we invite all true art lovers to visit this extraordinary selection of art pieces.

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