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Saturday July 23, 2011 at 9 pm at the CCA Andratx

"Kaum version without piano is possible"

New instrumental-electronic expressionism reflecting on masterpieces of contemporary music and the avant-garde.

Kaum is a project of the Spanish-Argentinean electronic artist Silvina Ávila and the classical-contemporary pianist Jan Gerdes from Berlin. It deals with the interface between experimental sounds of the electronic avant-garde and the multifaceted aspects of instrumental contemporary piano music. Kaum is creation of poetical music landscapes mixing acoustic sounds from the prepared/non-prepared piano, samples from toys, zither and other elements with electronic set, modelling sound in real time.

Kaum naturally uses stereotypes of contemporary piano music from Cage, Stockhausen and Ligeti, patterns of minimal music, fragments of `romantic` figures and modified sounds, with textures of the cutting edge electronic music to produce a new expression beyond the stylistic boundaries. The harmonic-rhythmical and acoustic language is complex but sensual, sometimes also integrating tonal harmonies, noise, beats and other elements of club culture.

Silvina Ávila: Electronics

Jan Gerdes: Piano, keyboards, little instruments, zither, toys

Entry fee: € 15. Reservations: Tel: +34 971 137 770 Email:

Before the concert take a few Pinchos in the CCA CAFÉ

CCA CAFÉ offers a delicious assortment of pinchos and tapas from 7.30 to 9 pm.

The offer includes:

- Tray with an assortment of 8 delicious Pinchos

- Dessert: fresh fruit skewers with hot chocolate sauce or homemade cake with ice cream

- Glass of wine or water

- Coffee or tea

Price: € 19 per person

Previous booking: Tel: +34 971 137 770 or Email:

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