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Saturday June 25th 2011 at 9 pm In the CCA Andratx

“La Cuarentena”, plays original arrangements of South American music and tango, with a chamber music approach, while retaining the fibber and depth of popular expressions.

Sandra Iriarte, lead singer of Argentina with an amazing voice that has won recognition from the wider public in America and Europe.

Leopoldo Juanes, Argentinean guitarist and composer of the arrangements for “La Cuarentena”. He has won the 2009 national competition SADAIC composition.

Entry fee: € 15. Booking: Tel: +34 971 137 770 Email:

Before the concert take a few Pinchos in the CCA CAFÉ

CCA CAFÉ offers a delicious assortment of pinchos and tapas from 7.30 to 9 pm

The offer includes:

- Tray with an assortment of 8 delicious Pinchos

- Dessert: fresh fruit skewers with hot chocolate sauce or homemade cake with ice cream

- Glass of wine or water.

- Coffee or tea

Price: € 19 per person

Previous booking: Tel: +34 971 137 770 or Email:

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