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31.03.11 - 15.05.11

Opening reception: Thursday 31st March at 7 pm

These photos were taken in the summers of 2008 until 2010 in the streets of New York. The title of this exibition "Changeable Frame" not only refers to the presentation of the photos but to the continuos change of the StreetArt here photographed. The different elements, partly torn posters, masonry, sticker and graffity form a steadily self changing collage.

Gabriela Maucher was born in Germany in 1964.

She started her great interest for photography while she studied at the Parson New School Design in New York.

Gabriela Maucher has been based on Mallorca since 2000. She travels to different parts of the world to take pictures and often returns to the same places to keep in touch with the envelopment of each of her photos.

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