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23.04.11 - 04.09.11

Group Show curated by Friederike Nymphius

Artists: John M Armleder (1949/CH), Beni Bischof (1976/CH), Matthias Bitzer (1975/D), Sebastian Black (1985/USA), Martin Creed (1968/GB), Spencer Finch (1962/USA), Poul Gernes (1925–96/DK), Liam Gillick (1964/GB), Terry Haggerty (1970/GB), Jeppe Hein (1974/DK), Lothar Hempel (1966/D), Knut Henrik Henriksen (1970/NOR), Yago Hortal (1983/E), Nathan Hylden (1978/USA), Imi Knoebel (1940/D), Peter Kogler (1959/AT), Udomsak Krisanamis (1966/Thailand), Jim Lambie (1964/GB), Mathieu Mercier (1970/F), Alan Michael (1967/GB), Jeremy Moon (1936-1973/GB), Stefan Müller (1971/D), John Nixon (1949/AUS), Rupert Norfolk (1974/GB), Anselm Reyle (1970/D), Ruth Root (1967/USA), Katja Strunz (1970/D), Sofie Thorsen (1971/DK), Ignacio Uriarte (1972/D), Richard Wright (1960/GB).

SPACE ODDITY is an international group show conceived especially for Kunsthalle CCA Andratx. The exhibition will explore the notion of art, space and their interplay by challenging the visitor's perception.

The show features painting, sculpture, video, film, installation, photography, and new media by 30 international contemporary artists. They treat space as something real, constructed, fake or simply deceit in order to describe their own understanding of the subject matter and to translate their personal and social experiences into the work of art.

Conquering and dealing with spaces has always been a major concern of John M Armleder aswell, whose work will be the focus of the exhibition. His hybrid art forms – a result of constant exploration of colour, form, structure and spacial dimensions - shaped his artistic oeuvre.

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