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05.11.10 - 10.04.11


Seventy major works by fifty major artists.

The CCA Kunsthalle is pleased to present the next exhibition with the latest acquisitions from the


The presentation includes acquisitions from 2010 or works not earlier shown in an AFM exhibition by the following artists: Gert & Uwe Tobias, Ulla von Brandenburg, Kendell Geers, Dexter Dalwood, Mark Dion, Elmgreen & Dragset, Ernesto Neto, Chiharu Shiota, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Ida Ekblad, Saâdane Afif, Tony Matell, Katja Strunz, Beni Bischof, Gabriel Kuri as well as works by artists previously represented in the collection.

To date the Art Foundation Mallorca has collected nearly 200 works from all over the world. Although painting and photography predominate, the collection also includes drawings, sculptures and installation works. For the upcoming exhibition, some of the highlights are two sculpture-installations, the “LateNightLady”, 2009 by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro 1964), and the disturbing life size “Female Sleepwalker ”, 2008 by Tony Matelli (Chicago 1971). As a contrast to the hyperrealist Female Sleepwalker , frozen in time and movement, at the same time untouchable and intimidating in her physical presence, the soft fabric, anthropomorphic forms and found objects of the LateNightLady suggest an abstract representation of the female experience. However, both works seemingly express a state of desire, longing and ambivalence. This disparate mix of styles and artistic expressions that convergent in an interesting dialogue around parallel themes is a distinctive feature of the entire AFM Collection and corresponds to the perspective that the three AFM curators, Friederike Nymphius, Barry Schwabsky and Patricia Asbaek (based in Berlin, London/New York and Copenhagen) hold on contemporary art.

The focus of the AFM is cutting-edge contemporary art from all around the world and its collection has been an important factor in the establishment of the CCA Andratx as one of the most challenging art centres in Spain.

AFM is the result of a large number of companies and international art lovers joining forces and creating a striking collection of contemporary art of today.

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