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23.04.11 - 07.07.11

Participating artists: Sebastian Hammwöhner (1974/DE), Uwe Henneken (1974/DE), Katja Strunz (1970/DE), Gabriel Vormstein (1974/DE)

The Installation of the Exhibition-box combines four different artistic positions in an atmospheric narration.

The individual works find their places at different levels: walls, floor, corners - all elements of the exhibition’s space are used and accentuated to give the viewer an access to the landscape that the works are creating together.

The inner space of the box is structured and coloured with a minimal and informal gesture, to illustrate an artistic present in a garden or a tomb.

The black walls also create a feeling of night or inner landscape in which the works can be seen as windows or memory flashes.

In contrast the outside walls are decorated with a floral and natural elements to illustrate the walk through an outer, inspiring a landscape; or can be seen as a crest a symbol for a walk through Arcadia.

The inner and outer space of the box are connected with the horizontal line that keeps both situations in balance.

The basic conception for the work was the creation of a dialogue between the four artists, by sending photos, links, texts, images which seemed relevant to them and that were in some case related to the first conceptual link, Lörke Oskar’s poem: "Grab des Dichters" (“Grave of the poet”), which now turned into “Nit al Jardí del Bé i el Mal”.

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