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05.08.10 - 05.09.10

The solo exhibition of the young mallorquin artist Catalina Lliteras (Manacor 1978) at the CCA ESPAI is part of the “Nuevas Presencias” program sponsored by the Consell de Mallorca; on display are the latest works of this young mallorquin artist, who, for the first time, exhibites in a commercial space.

The exhibition combines drawing, sculpture, and installation in an intensively conceptional manner. Based on the poem “TOTHOM ES TROBA SOL EN EL COR DE LA TERRA TRAVESSAT PER UN RAIG DE SOL: I EL VESPRE VE TOT D'UNA", Catalina Lliteras designs a world of disturbance, in which the viewer is drawn into a spider’s web, only using monochromatic lines, that we already have seen in her drawings as well as in her sculptures and installations.

With the degree of Fine Arts from the Univerity of Barcelona in 2006, Catalina Lliteras participated in various group exhibitions throughout Majorca. Now, for the first time, we have the opportunity to enjoy her own major project.

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