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Friday 27th of August at 21.00.

Ayres – in the space between even and uneven

Taylan Arikan ( Anatolia) / Julio Azcano (Argentina)

Ayres is an unique contribution towards creating a Rich musical , willing to bring together a multitude of coexisting musical cultures.

Taylan Rikan and Julio Azcano, musicians living and working in Switzerland, have reached to consolidate unique synthesis between the expanse of their own musical traditions and their extensive experience in the fields of Jazz and Classical Music.

Embedded in the mysterious sound alchemy of the ancient Anatolian lute and the contemporary classical guitar, Ayres Integrates complex harmonies and rhythmic variety in compositions and improvisations that create unusual chamber music experience.

New music that flows between wistfully and pulsating percussion, enticing compositions and free play-in the space between even and uneven.

Dinner before concert only with reservation

Entrance 12 €

Please contact us for more information. +34 971 137 770

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