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For more than ten years, CCA Andratx has been a production place and a platform for artists. In conjunction with the presentation of high-profile international contemporary art by CCA Kunsthalle, CCA offers an Artist-in-Residence Program. Over 500 artists from 20 different countries have already benefited from this program.

CCA Andratx assigns to artists 4 studios free of charge for a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

The studios are located on the ground-floor of the building. With 120 m2 of surface, the studios are fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. CCA Andrtax welcomes proposals from all fields of artistic work, showing the development of ideas and projects, to which the facilities of the CCA Andratx may contribute. Applications of single persons as well as groups are welcome. Re-applications are possible up to three times.


We are very sorry to inform you that due to the unusual high amount of talented applicants in the last Calls, the CCA Studios are now already fully booked for the next two years, we cannot accept any new applications before June 2018 for the Program 2019. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For further information about the CCA Studios, please do not hesitate to contact


Saturday the 19th, we welcome you to "Meet the Artists" living and working in the CCA Studios during August 2017:

Marta Marcé

Fergus Feehily

Koen Delaere

Bas van den Hurk

Marta Marcé

Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1972, Marta Marcé studied at The Royal College Of Art in London, England and currently lives and works in Berlin

Marcé's geometric paintings are inspired by the idea of play, finding reference from international sources of divination and entertainment.

Fergus Feehily

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1968, Fergus Feehily studied at Dún Laoghaire College of Art and Design, and the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Currently, he lives and works in Belin, Germany.

Having studied in both Western and Eastern modalities, Feehily is accustomed to incorporating vastly differing and often oppositional ideologies into his work.

Koen Delaere

Born in Bruges, Belgium, in 1970, Koen Delaere studied at The Akademie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg, NL (1996).

Currently, he lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Driven by process, Koen’s work is a search for freedom within self-imposed boundaries. The sculptural value of Delaere’s paintings leaves room for experimentation within this rectangular painterly format. Color, layers, and lines are all axis’ on which Koen’s aesthetic fluctuate.

Bas van den Hurk

Born in Tilburg, Netherlands, in 1965, Bas van den Hurk studied at the University of Amsterdam, Philosophy (1991-1996).

Currently, he lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Van Den Hurk’s work meets at the intersection of painting, fashion, and architecture. Many of his exhibitions inhabit a physicality which must be transversed by the viewer, witnessed not only in the strong gestural angles and intersections presented in 3 dimensions but it is also witnessed in the multilayered 2-dimensional works, whose color palates draw the eye in to the sheen of metallic fabrics and under printed motifs. Working with the hidden, van den Hurk, presents the 'just barely perceived' in order to question the functioning of social collective networks.

Becoming Escargotapien - Audio Walk made for CCA Andratx, Mallorca, 2017

When the Danish research based artist Sissel Marie Tonn stayed in Studio Rojo during February 2017, she composed this beautiful site-specific audiowalk as a part of her artist-in-residence programme at CCA.

By following this link:

You will be able to listen to Tonn's voice guiding you through the landscape of the surrounding mountains, whether you are physically here or whether you find yourself in another place, feel free to dream away into the orange and almond groves of Mallorca.

The audio walk begins in the courtyard behind the CCA cafe. It is a 25 min long story that acts as a soundtrack to a walk in the Orange Grove behind the CCA.

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