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07.07.18 - 28.07.18

We're happy to announce the program for this year's Summer Workshops for kids and youth:

07.07:Passing a Graffiti

For the first workshop this year we will find inspiration in the current gallery exhibitionA Passing with the three Danish artists Kasper Eistrup, Karl Troels Sandegård and Jakob Steen.

14.07:Masking The Night

In her current solo exhibitionCommedia Della Luce at CCA, Susanne Rottenbacher presents to us Harlequin and Columbine. For the second workshop this July we will create masks inspired by the these colorful figures from Commedia dell'arte.

21.07:Drawing with Light

Inspired by Claus Rottenbacher's photographies in the current exhibitionBorder Matters, we will develop our own light drawings for the third workshop.

28.07:A Play On Clay

For the last Summer workshop of the year we will introduce the current Norwegian group shownår himmelen klarner in the CCA Kunsthalle, and find inspiration in the motives and themes from the five artists, to create our own sculptures.

A play with clay

on CCA's summer group show når himmelen klarner

Please join us every Saturday during July from 11am-1.30pm

Price: €20

(including material, workshop, snacks and drinks)

The CCA Andratx, known by its exhibitions of high-level contemporary art, has opened its spaces for the celebration of all kinds of events. The natural environment, in combination with the latest trends of contemporary international art offer a unique environment for the celebration of any private or company event. The wide range of spaces offered for events in Majorca is being complemented by a singular proposal that turns any event into a unique experience surrounded by the most current art in the middle of Majorca's beautiful nature.


The restaurant hosts private events such as weddings and birthday parties. With its creative atmosphere and tasteful interior it is a lovely place to celebrate a special day.

Caterings can also be arranged according to your wishes. It is also possible to rent the restaurant or any other suitable space in the CCA Andratx, bringing your own catering.


Nice receptions in connection to a book release, PR-campaigns, introduction of new design products among others.


Separate meeting rooms, video facilities and large spaces for seminars in inspiring surroundings make the CCA Andratx an ideal place to have a conference.

Workshops with artists can also be arranged.


The central courtyard is a popular setting for professional photo sessions for fashion catalogues, furniture brochures and others.

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