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29.09.17 - 25.02.18

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Friday September, 29th at 7 pm

Plants, prosimians and petrichor presented through synesthetic painting.

Entering the CCA Gallery one may experience the tones, colors and scents of Summer as it sounds, looks and smells according to the gifted German artist Helga Schmidhuber; our current artist-in-resident.

We are probably familiar with the feeling of seeing a beautiful piece of art, and no matter how much we attempt to find the right words to describe exactly what it is that touches us, we rarely succeed. Many of us are in a similar way capable of recognizing and appreciating the scent of fresh rain touching the earth, but only few people know, that there’s actually a word for it. It’s called Petrichor.

To the painter Helga Schmidhuber Petrichor is synonym with the smell of Summer, and the longing for Summer, which is exactly what made her recognize her synesthesia as a child. This feeling returned to her last year in April 2016 when she came to visit CCA Andratx. During her 10 days in Mallorca she created a series of “Petrichor”-drawings depicting prosimians in surroundings impossible to decipher whether is a jungle or underwater or perhaps even on a different planet. This unexplainable, at once ancient and futuristic, is what fascinates Schmidhuber. Just as the prosimians are neither apes nor humans, but something different in between, the phenomena Petrichor is neither rain nor earth, but rather an event taking place in symbiosis between the two.

The etymology of Petrichor derives from the Greek ‘petra’ meaning ‘stone’ combined with ‘ichor’: the fluid that flows in the veins of immortals. Accordingly, blurring the boundaries between natural and cultural history, Schmidhuber is painting naturescapes on top of traditional Majorcan fabric which is normally used as dishtowels. Bringing the fabric out of the kitchen and into her studio, she’s sewing her own canvas and providing it with new layers of function as well of meaning. Also discarded drums of her husband as well as geographical maps have left their usual surroundings to become part of the story that Helga Schmidhuber is inviting us to dive into during autumn season 2017.

Helga Schmidhuber was born in 1972 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Initially she studied communication design focusing on graphics. Following this, she studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Dieter Krieg and Albert Oehlen. Helga Schmidhuber’s works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Germany as well as internationally and she has participated in numerous artist-in-residence programs. Her work is characterized by expressiveness, a strong and subtle sense of materiality and a continuous love of experimentation.

29.09.17 - 25.02.18

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Friday September, 29th at 7 pm

Holger Schmidhuber: Broken Territories – Unsehbar

29.09.17 – 17.12.17

CCA Andratx is pleased to present its first solo-show with the German artist Holger Schmidhuber (DE, 1970).

The exhibition will bring together the artist’s two latest series of work revealing his practice with abstract painting on multiple formats throughout his career. On the one hand, the CCA Gallery will be the second stage for Schmidhuber’s series “Carpets of the Forgotten”. Whereas the first set up at the Museum Wiesbaden in the early 2017, the carpets took over the Old Masters Collection room, at CCA those pieces will be confronted with his newest series of work “La Seu – unsehbar”.

The “Carpets of the Forgotten” comprise an extensive series of painting interventions on old oriental carpets (up-to 100 years old) and are presented as walk-through floor paintings. All the works contain short typographical statements, which occupy a central position in the works. These are text fragments from the artist's own lyric sources, such as earlier lyrics, poems and notes.

Peter Forster, curator at the Museum Wiesbaden describes: "Now the visitor can finally do something incredible! He can enter the carpets, which are actually works of art, he can stand on them, lie down or sit down. This is how Holger Schmidhuber evokes a changed body feeling in the room. But not only this newly gained physical freedom opens a new feeling for space, it changes the space itself. "

On the other hand, since 2002 Schmidhuber has been studying the phenomenon of "self-chosen blindness" or phosphenes, characterized by the experience of seeing light without actually seeing light with the eye. Contrasting to the floor pieces, “La Seu – unsehbar” comprises large format paintings on canvas resulting of Schmidhuber’s deep study of Palma’s Cathedral “La Seu”.

During the last two years, the artist has repeatedly produced studies on the interior of this magnificent building, in which the light and colour effects, as well as the spatial structures, were documented at different times of the day and seasons. The glazed round windows, in particular the largest Gothic rosette in the world with a 12-meter diameter, permeate into Schmidhuber's paintings transmitting the bright light and effects that one could see when closing the eyes after looking at it.

29.07.17 - 29.10.17

We cordially invite you to the opening of "Re-sounding Organs" with our current artist-in-residence Mille Kalsmose on Saturday July, 29th at 7 pm

We are excited to introduce our very first exhibition in the patio of CCA Andratx with our current Artist-in-Residence Mille Kalsmose. Throughout her stay in the CCA Studios during the month of July, Kalsmose has combined the results of her sound research project and the experience of working with matter. “Re-Sounding Organs” is her first solo show in Mallorca: a site-specific sound installation.

The works featured in the show embody the original processes of three elements: clay, algae and sound, which in the artist’s perspective are key elements in the creation of life on Earth.

Over the last two years, the artist has investigated the influence of sound on humans, in a scientific research with a neuroscientist and a sound healer in Denmark. The piece “Re-Sounding Vibes” will bring together the essence of the two treatment methods united into one and consists in a bassinet embodying sound vibrations.

Besides, and giving title to the exhibition, “Re-sounding Organs” is a site-specific piece involving the fountain which has been transformed into a natural algae pond and displays the organic clay sculptures installation.

Throughout her career, Kalsmose has been a careful explorer of her own surroundings and has studied the rituals in both ancient and contemporary behaviours. She understands those rituals not as an escape into the depths of irrationality, but as a new way of experiencing the world.

The works included in this exhibition suggest an image of a world –real and imagined- where ancient traditions and knowledge coexist with new global languages, as a cognitive and expressive device for reconstructing reality into a suggested new world.

The exhibition is kindly supported by The Danish Arts Council, Statens Kunstfond.


07.07.17 - 17.09.17

In addition to our current exhibition "Blind Date" showing works from Troels Sandegård and Absalon Kirkeby, CCA is happy to present Sandegård'sSelf Portraits - Perspiration and Respiration - a series of work that aligns the processual work of physical presence and absence of the artist, which is also to be found in his brass cubes shown in Blind Date*.

The Self Portraits are humid representations of the artist's perspiration and respiration centered around clinically constructed sweat. The sweat is synthetically made to match the exact composition of salt and minerals within the artist's body. While slowly dripping down upon different metal plates, the salty substance is creating layer upon layer of salt deposits and thereby stating the physical absence of the artist.

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