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27.09.18 - 09.03.19

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday September, 27th between 7pm and 9pm

Waiting for the tide – Waiting for the rain unfolds a series of new works by Bent Holstein, a painter and graphic artist whose work has been based on photography throughout his career. CCA Andratx is pleased to present the second solo-show with the artist.

While his first exhibition, “Before the Avalanche” (2014) comprised depictions of the early snow in the Alps, the current exhibition will confront the beholder with the vast climate-change effects and however the unpredictability of nature continues. Observing Holstein’s works, one may have the strange feeling of a dangerous situation being about to happen, the power of nature.

The title of the exhibition and the featured artworks are greatly inspired by both, this Summer’s unusual heat in Denmark, which offered apocalyptic views of dried trees and landscapes, and the draught Bahamas’ beaches in Long Island, waiting for the high tide.

The show presents a photographic series printed on paper and mounted on dibond or framed. By using Archival pigment prints, the artist has edited the works with several techniques and different materials such as wax, dispersion, stain, lacquer and oil.

Bent Holstein, has been represented by Galerie Asbaek since 1975 and his work is represented in several international museums and art collections.

01.09.18 - 15.03.19

CCA Andratx is pleased to present the German artist Claus Rottenbacher’s photographic seriesNon Plus Ultra. His practice commonly deals the dialogues between architecture and landscape and this new series of work explores the transcendence of Gibraltar as the testimony in stone of a brutalist frontier between Great Britain and the Kingdom of Spain.

For more than three centuries, since the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, the British flag blows over the Rock of Gibraltar, but this little piece of land of no more than 7 km² was already the scenery in Antique myths and legends as well as the end of the known world until the 15th Century.

The individual landscapes of the series Non Plus Ultra may seem film sets, however they stand far from a documentary approach. Rottenbacher appeals the works for a critical and aesthetic reflection upon European borders. Captured in 2016, in the light of Brexit and the new U.S. politics of America First, his works highlight the current shift of the socio-political scenario, however Gibraltar continue stoday to exist as a witness bearer and living memory of ongoing tension.

“Claus Rottenbacher’s intrinsically political message inquires about the context of history, photography and architecture. […] His images become spaces of memory, spaces of societal and collective relevance. Spaces and systems change. Images remain.” (Felix Hoffmann)

Claus Rottenbacher lives and works in Berlin. All photographs are made with an analogue large-format camera.

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