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25.08.17 - 25.02.18

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Scenarios of Desire" with our current artists-in-residence Koen Delaere and Bas van den Hurk on Friday August, 25th at 7 pm

In a contemporary context, art is creating an idiosyncratic communicatory language by taking advantage of democratic mediums. John Kelsey states that “seeing how painting has colonized social media lately, it’s hard not to feel that there’s a sort of leaking away of the medium at the moment it’s taking on a weird and happy new life” - a reflection which is shared by the artists Koen Delaere and Bas van den Hurk. In this “inter-net-worked society”, we experience an endless series of temporal axes crossing through the invisible axes of global space giving the opportunity for “paintings to travel” with a speed that is sometimes neither physically nor logically possible to grasp, perceive or even relate to from a human scale perspective.

In ”Scenarios of Desire” these two Dutch artists challenge the old, strong and provocative statement of painting as dead and static. Questioning the (after)life of painting as a medium reflecting the current state-of-being, extends to our intimate relationship with social media in an art and everyday context. Therefore, the artists find the death of painting redundant and chooses thus to redirect our attention to the transitivity and mobility of images in order to focus on the distinctive matter and sensation hybrid, of which their paintings are made.

If painting is dead, it is the beholder´s chance to give life to the work and thus finish it on a personal level of interpretation. Incorporating “desire” into the title of the exhibition, the artists encourage subjective associations in the minds of visitors when encountering the pieces on view in the CCA Kunsthalle. To describe painting as static is indisputable opposed by Delaere and van den Hurk, since the materials, context as well as all additional informational cues, are in constant transition and movement, just as ‘one can never step in the same river twice’.

Throughout August 2017 the artists have lived with their families in the CCA studios combining their identities as artists, lovers and friends in one and the same space. This ‘aura’ is present in the artworks, as a physical transformation of the circumstances and the influence of different elements from their nearest surroundings continues to exist as traces of lived life on the canvas. What seems like a classical object trouvé-gesture has a deeper meaning to Delaere and van den Hurk. Their processes seek to reveal the flow of experience in the artwork, following its ‘transitivity’ and ‘intelligent touch’. The former described by David Joselit as “the way an action is transferred to an object” and the latter exemplified with Derrida’s notion of the eye//the gaze, that are at once visible and seeing, thus touchable with the eyes-the gaze of the Other. In this sense of touching, the artists are curious to investigate how painting can touch the world and how the world can touch painting in exchange.

”Koen Delaere’s approach to painting comes within reach of the performative moment of music. As in musical productions, it is in his works that one perceives a live performance – a spontaneity that is reflected throughout a concert. There is a randomness, an improvisation and a controlled chaos. We find traces of these elements in his paintings, as well as the freshness of a live performance. His works live on an extension of the present” (Lorenzo Benedetti: Chromatic Explosions)

Employing the inherent forces of the art work as subjective matter Bas van den Hurk is working on a philosophical level in accordance to Hegel, who claimed painting to be the one of all the arts, best suited to manifest itself as the soul within. In “Scenarios of Desire” the beholder is invited to contemplate on the spirit of a broad variety of art works spanning from watermelon in degradation, colors applied with the fingertips of the artist on silk canvas carrying a pearl necklace to leftover paper from the ice cream eaten by his daughters.

This exhibition ultimately postulates the vivid state of painting and motivates the viewer to reflect on the identity of each installation by engaging in the exchange of touching and being touched by its presence, in order to avoid the already bespoken leaking away of the medium.

As a contraposition to the high speed of online travelling images, “Scenarios of Desire” stands as an exhibition of art works created from materials that carry energy and are living, evolving and moving at different speeds – just as impossible to perceive by the naked eye, but nevertheless existing and insisting on touching the world and being touched by it.

Malou Solfjeld

29.09.17 - 25.02.18

ARTISTS: Carsten Fock (1968, DE), Peter Krauskopf (1966, DE), Bastian Muhr (1981, DE) and Tilo Schulz (1972, DE).

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Friday September, 29th at 7 pm

“Hands up! This is a holdup!” A group of artists, gathered by the German gallerist Jochen Hempel, break during this Autumn into CCA’s most predominant space. The CCA Kunsthalle will surrender to Carsten Fock, Peter Krauskopf, Bastian Muhr and Tilo Schulz - and we admit it, we do it joyfully.

Four personalities – four proposals that together will challenge the established standards. And just as a band of robbers, these four artists are going for it all.

The exhibition brings together four different approaches towards painting’s representation and perception of space. The pieces on display will favour the dialogue exchanges, which on an abstract basis, will scrutinise the awareness of the represented, the shared and the architectural spaces.

From an analytical perspective, the site-specific floor piece created by the artist Bastian Muhr will hold a challenge of the viewer’s perceptive senses. Often based on spatial conceived systems, Muhr strongly deals with the coincidence. Every look at his work will imply a new view of the whole. Whereas Muhr, in his floor drawing converts the object into a subject, Tilo Schulz's renowned Tondi, on the contrary, confers a sculptural value to the pictorial object. Acting as a sphere, Schulz intensifies the Tondi’s breakup and fracturing essence, expanding its transition until its reunion. A second group of works will highlight Schulz’s commitment to political and cultural events, read from an historic aesthetical perspective, proving his subtle and sensitive expressiveness.

Conceptually more orthodox, the paintings by the artists Carsten Fock and Peter Krauskopf will complete the exhibition in its expressive aspect. Both share a common devotion to the painting process, but while the former’s compositions are created from brave colourful lines of brushstrokes, the latter scratches the work removing the surface layers and thus revealing the iridescent background. Presenting here a series of small-size drawings on paper, Krauskopf’s works reveal a deep knowledge of formal abstract expression, underscoring the lively nature behind the opaque layers of paint.

Philosophical content dealing is inherent in Fock’s work. Throughout his career he has developed a personal and renowned language, born from a profound understanding of the history of painting and referencing the inner necessity to canalize the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the physical world within a contemporary approach.

Contrast will define this exhibition; these new artistic perspectives will lead the viewer to a wide new field of possibilities within painting and will ultimately suppose a challenge to our senses and willingness of engagement to this medium.

It is a great honour for CCA Andratx to host this exhibition, which has been the first close collaboration with the renowned gallery Jochen Hempel. Headquartered in Leipzig and Berlin, the gallery works in a modern approach its extensive program, ranging from new international artists to more established artists.

During the month of September, the four artists will use the CCA Studios as a platform for the creation of new works specifically for the exhibition. Carsten Fock and Tilo Schulz are recidivists at CCA and we are eager to face Peter Krauskopf and Bastian Muhr.

Exhibition organized in collaboration with Galerie Jochen Hempel

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