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Oscar Florit "Felicidad canalla"
21.10.10 - 19.03.11

Opening reception Thursday 21st at 7 p.m.

The CCA ESPAI is pleased to present the new exhibition by Mallorquin artist Oscar Florit (1977) who is also emerging on the national art scene. Florit paints, shapes, draws and experiments with video installations. He composes, decomposes, plays, invents and reinvents. His explosion of colour, gestures and paint strokes go beyond the canvas and force the viewer to enter the imaginary world of the artist.

28.02.11 - 23.04.11

CCA Gallery is pleased to anounce its new group show including works from the CCA Collection and some of the works which have been produced this year at the Artists-in-Residence-Program. Don´t loose the opportunity to enjoy some of the latest works by: Kirstin Arndt, Cullinan and Richards, Carsten Fock, Margherita Moscardini, Nick Oberthaler, among others.

Alfred Lichter "Letters to Godot"
09.09.10 - 10.10.10

Leaving the Outcome to Chance.

The exhibition presents a selection of Alfred Lichter's (93) most recent paintings, a series he calls Letters to Godot. 'Godot' is his synonym for God, and his use of the term 'letters' indicates that Lichter intends to approach the Divine. The paintings come into existence through a process Lichter calls 'pourings', allowing the colours to distribute themselves over the canvas without control or interference. After subsequent washes, the colours cover the entire surface, sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque, depending on their consistency. Lichter leaves the outcome to chance, granting it, as the one entity truly independent of human influence, the decisive creative momentum. He permits himself only minor touch-ups where contrasts seem too harsh, and smoother transitions appear more suitable. The paintings resist any representationalist association. They are a hommage to the autonomy of colour. Their unbounded spectrum ranges from the black of night, the azure blue of Mediterranean horizons, to the glowing red of volcanic eruptions. In the context of his "letters", Lichter talks about "pure art", free of its "representationalist chains", coming to rest in the "spiritual". The past decade of Lichter's work has been dedicated to an ardent pursuit: "To keep open the door to the spiritual life".

Nit al Jardí del Bé i el Mal
23.04.11 - 07.07.11

Participating artists: Sebastian Hammwöhner (1974/DE), Uwe Henneken (1974/DE), Katja Strunz (1970/DE), Gabriel Vormstein (1974/DE)


Friday 27th of August at 21.00.

Ayres – in the space between even and uneven

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