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26.09.15 - 30.06.16

CCA is pleased to present German artist Johannes Schramm’s (1965) first solo exhibition at CCA. In Kunsthalle II, the exhibition titled Still Water unfolds a wide variety of beautiful still lifes with water. As a former swimmer Schramm reveals a strong fascination for water, which is a significant and persistent object in his paintings. Still Water presents the latest works from Schramm and shows both indoor and outdoor landscapes, all aiming to render water in different elements. Furthermore the exhibition can be divided into three series: Pool paintings, Buoy paintings and Water Lily paintings.

JAN S. HANSEN. "I Only Shop At Gas Stations"
20.08.15 - 01.11.15

”I went over to the place, it was packed, and everybody was drunk. I walked to the pines and found the bottle under the car tires. I ate a bar of soap and a microwave burger at 03.00. At 05.00 I had to go back to buy some soup for the dogs, and a 35 ml vodka, I mixed it with bleach, now I´m eating cat food out of the can.

25.07.15 - 20.09.15

Group show that includes artworks from CCA Donations, AFM Collection, and Private Collections. The artists featuring the show are:

ARE BLYTT. Red Sun Rising
25.07.15 - 20.09.15

Painted on Mallorca, in the breezy shadows of the looming doom of European finance, to the loungy beat of the ebbs and flows of global capital, these new set of paintings—Are Blytt is emphatic on these matters—are not a function of, nor a reference to, nor a gesture towards, any political framework.

02.07.15 - 30.07.15

This year CCA Concerts will be held every Thursday during July in the Patio. The start time is 8PM and entry tickets only cost 8€ and include the visit to CCA Andratx! There will also be Special Tapas from the CCA Café. Do not forget to book:

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