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Press release M25: AROUND LONDON

Curated by Barry Schwabsky

The CCA Kunsthalle opens its season with the exhibition M25: Around London, a group show curated by the american art critic Barry Schwabsky, who is based in London and a member of the curatorial team directed by Patricia Asbaek. The exhibition presents the works of 20 londoner artists of the moment, using different techniques as though paintings are mostly represented.

Press release SUPERNATURAL

Curated by Friederike Nymphius


Emmanuelle Antille 1972 CH, Jordi Bernadó 1966 E, Cor Dera 1961 NL, Graham Fagen 1966 GB, Hans-Peter Feldmann 1941 D, Tue Greenfort 1973 DK, Sabine Groß 1961 D, Uwe Henneken 1974 D, Peter Land 1966 DK, Roman Lipski 1969 PL, Stefan Löffelhardt 1961 D, Markus Karstiess 1971 D, Soren Martinsen 1968 D, Paul McDevitt 1972 GB, Jean-Luc Mylane 1948 F, Dan Peterman 1960 USA , Fredrik Raddum 1973 NOR, Thomas Ruff 1958 D, Gerwald Rockenschaub 1958 A, Thomas Scheibitz 1968 D, John Stezaker 1949 GB, Roman Signer 1938 CH …

Press release FLOW

Curated by Pau Waelder

“Be water, my friend” said Bruce Lee in an interview, back in 1971. And, although his words are now part of a BMW ad, this is still a wise advice, particularly for the times we live in. We are immersed in a continuous flow, a flow of information, of events, of images and messages that constantly invade our senses. Everything evolves so quickly that we frequently feel overwhelmed: even if we do our best to be aware of the latest trends, to update our knowledge and stay connected, we cannot keep with the flow. In this state of constant change, established concepts shatter and monolithic structures are slowly but inevitably eroded by a reality that is never the same. The only thing one can do now is “be water”, adapt and evolve, assume that we both step and do not step in the same rivers, but furthermore that we are part of what makes the river flow.

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