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Xim Llompart, "The China Venus: Transmission"
15.10.15 - 20.12.15

CCA Andratx coridally invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, October, 15th at 7pm at CCA ESPAI.

JAN S. HANSEN. "I Only Shop At Gas Stations"
20.08.15 - 01.11.15

”I went over to the place, it was packed, and everybody was drunk. I walked to the pines and found the bottle under the car tires. I ate a bar of soap and a microwave burger at 03.00. At 05.00 I had to go back to buy some soup for the dogs, and a 35 ml vodka, I mixed it with bleach, now I´m eating cat food out of the can.

25.07.15 - 20.09.15

Group show that includes artworks from CCA Donations, AFM Collection, and Private Collections. The artists featuring the show are:

ARE BLYTT. Red Sun Rising
25.07.15 - 20.09.15

Painted on Mallorca, in the breezy shadows of the looming doom of European finance, to the loungy beat of the ebbs and flows of global capital, these new set of paintings—Are Blytt is emphatic on these matters—are not a function of, nor a reference to, nor a gesture towards, any political framework.

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