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10.03.19 - 23.06.19

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Sunday March, 10th between 12-2pm. Please join us and the artists to celebrate our annual ceramics exhibition.

Artists: Pere Bennássar, Marlene Bosch, Stephan Ebert, Houria!, Marta Murgades, Vicenç Ochoa, Ricardo Sacco, Miquel Segura, Vicente Torres.

CCA Andratx is pleased to present our annual exhibition exclusively dedicated to artistic ceramics created in Mallorca. Following the success of "Fet a Mà / Handmade" in 2018, we’re once again inviting a selection of artists closely linked to the island's ceramic tradition, whose works gradually unravels the diversity of approaches to the same concept: roots.

Working with ceramics, intrinsically involves a commitment to the many histories of the material, making possible to experience both its past, its present and its future. It allows us to encounter objects that have existed for thousands of years. Due to the simplicity of its physical base and the use of pure materials offered by nature, the combination of the four natural elements are presented to us in a marvellously state frozen in time. It is, therefore, a timeless and eternal experience.

Conceptually in a broad sense, "Arrels" (“Roots”) offers a wide spectrum of possibilities that will transfer the unique and particular vision of each artist to his conception of rooting. At first glance we can discern three conceptual areas, which, after direct observation of the pieces, give rise to deeper reflections.

The pieces by Houria! and Vicente Torres propose a natural approach. While the former is interested in life born on the surface of the earth with its expressionist terracotta-pieces inspired by Sicilian anthropomorphic vases and reinterpreted from a contemporary logic, the latter proposes a return to the subterranean origin of life through small root-sculptures.

Miquel Segura's delicate pieces points towards a cultural perspective. His reinterpretation of the prehistoric "tetilla" (“nipple”) ceramics using modern materials offer a way for the artist to pay tribute to the richness of the ceramic history in a contemporary perspective. Meanwhile Ricardo Sacco's pieces exist as an homage to the brick’s original functionality through his white porcelain pieces. In this same sense, however introducing a connotation of Mediterranean territoriality, Pere Bennàssar's naturalistic taurine pieces reinterpret the ancient Minoan terracotta, where the bull was considered a sacred and ritual animal.

The territorial rooting to Mallorca is presented in the exhibition through the works of Marlene Bosch and Vicenç Ochoa. The blissful and lively naïve reinterpretation of the traditional Majorcan siurells of Bosch with their chromatic variety will contrast with Ochoa's serene piece, which proposes a conceptual and textual reading of the sense of insularity.

Finally, a tribute will be paid to the material’s malleability of ceramics through the intimate contribution of Marta Murgades. The passing of time and family heritage will be visible in the white ceramic wall piece, in which she plays with the transparencies and lights of a material as delicate as porcelain.

To conclude, what deeply unites all the artists is a profound respect for this ancient medium, born from the experimentation of man with the world he inhabits. However, despite being one of the oldest mediums, ceramics has been relegated (some would say ignored) for too long. The current revitalization and artistic experimentation with this medium comes from the hand of countless artists who today are changing the perception of ceramics, ensuring that this form of art receives due respect and recognition.

Many artists who work with ceramics recognize that, after waiting for the firing of the pieces, the expectations when opening the kiln’s door is one of the greatest pleasures that a ceramist can have. We hope that the visitors to the exhibition will share and experience the joy and respect of the artists for ceramics.

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