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01.07.17 - 12.08.17

CCA Andratx is pleased to introduce Virtual Reality Art for the first time on Mallorca this Summer. Thanks to a collaborative pop-up project between the Danish Tech company ATEA Future Growth and CCA, the four artists staying in the CCA Studios taking part in our renowned residency program during July 2017 will experiment the wide possibilities and artistic forms that this equipment can offer.

Artistic projects created in VR are currently leading the art scene and are being presented in the world's major art events, such as biennales and art fairs, becoming the most challenging cutting edge art practice determined to evolve the art+technology binomial.

Through the virtual reality platform HTC Vive we offer the artists Absalon Kirkeby, Troels Sandegaard, Thomas Øvlisen and Mille Kalsmose the possibility to use Tilt Brush by Google, a simulated palette that enables one to paint in virtual 3D space to produce installations that the visitors of CCA will be able to move through and interact with. Furthermore it is possible to see their creative processes from start to finish with HTC Vive's playback technology. As a visitor at CCA Andratx you will also get the chance to try creating a virtual reality masterpiece of your own.

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